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H&E Global Sourcing Inc. offers US companies with full-service, manufacturing, market development, and product sourcing in China. Specializing in establishing beneficial relationships with Chinese factories, we assist American businesses to find reliable, price competitive, and quality focused manufacturing resources in China, or to introduce their existing products to the growing Chinese consumer market.

Extensive experience and knowledge of dealing with Chinese manufacturing enables H&E to work effectively with clients to develop comprehensive sourcing strategies by removing barriers of communication, logistics, and government agencies. As a result, our clients build strong, lasting global business relationships for increased competitiveness in today's market.

H&E will help you to find the best Asian factory as a Strategic Partner to suit your particular needs, guiding you through the process of researching and screening, and establishing strong relationships with Chinese Manufacturers.
Whether you need product sourcing in China, or to manufacture a new product from paper, H&E will work on your behalf to find the best resources, protect your interests, and insure the best value and quality.
H&E will help you introduce, market, and sell your existing product to the fastest growing economy in the world, from finding the best representatives and market outlets, to reaching the right customers.
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H & E Global Sourcing was formally established in 2002 as a global sourcing, product development, and logistics service provider for businesses in the United States to China. Our international experience, however, spans from over 20 years of advocating for businesses to work with Chinese manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and government agencies. Our goal is to provide product sourcing in China to our clients with a comprehensive, turnkey resource for product sourcing, Chinese manufacturing, and Marketing in China. Experience and expertise allow us to consistently accomplish the following on behalf of our Client Partners:

  • Advocate to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with Chinese factories
  • Negotiate for the most competitive prices for Chinese Manufacturing products and components
  • Find and screen for the best, well-trusted Chinese Manufacturers
  • Established clear, complete, and comfortable communication methods
  • Follow up QC procedures and supervision productions
  • Provide guidance for logistics and shipping processes for Product Sourcing in China
  • Ensure quick reaction to changes, modifications, and other immediate needs
  • Develop strategies, processes, and teams for the Chinese market

H & E Global enables hundreds of clients worldwide to be more competitive, from national retailer chains that need a more cost-effective product for their stores, to  manufacturers that want to produce a high-quality product for less cost. With already established networks with Chinese manufacturing to advocate on our clients behalf, H & E provides the infrastructure, strategy, and proven processes to help your business become more competitive and profitable.

Whether your particular business needs product sourcing in China, product development of new products using Chinese manufacturers, or developing strategies and channels sell an existing product in Chinese markets, H & E Global applies trusted knowledge and experience to make your project successful.

With an average of over 10 years of knowledge in product sourcing each, H&E Global's management team has the expertise to find the best manufacturing match for your particular needs. Whether you have a drafted schematic of your product, or simply a handwritten drawing, H&E can turn them into a finished product with high quality. We are not simply a company that contacts manufacturers, H&E begins with product specifications to include all aspects of product quality analysis, QC procedures, vendor selections, productions supervision, price quote analysis, logistics management of transportation and ocean freight, customs and import/export procedures. In many cases, we work with consultants or engineers to make sure we fully understand your quality requirements to ensure that selected manufacturers can produce to your satisfaction. The high quality, competitively priced product is delivered through a streamlined supply and logistics chain. In general, H&E Global acts much like a supermarket for sourcing and developing products in China.

In addition to the experience of the management team, H & E Global Sourcing has established strong relationships with many existing manufacturers in China, many who have been doing business with us for over a decade. We know their management, production capability, quality control procedures, and they will fulfill our requirements. These relationships often guarantee that sourced products are in high quality, at low cost, with faster turnover time.

H&E Global will become a trusted partner in manufacturing products manufactured in China. Whether it is finished products for less, or quality components to make your product more competitive, we will help to find what you need, and get it to your doorstep fast. Our expertise of helping American companies in sourcing products from China enables us to ensure that your transactions will run smoothly and efficiently:

  • Free Initial Consultation, Feedback, and Solutions Analysis
  • Manufacturer Research, Screening and Evaluation Process
  • Price Quotation, Contract Negotiation, and Overseas OEM/ODM Contracting
  • Order Management, Quantity, and Shipping Consolidation Process
  • Quality Assurance, Overseas Inspection, and Claims Management
  • Delivery Monitoring, Shipping & Export Documentation, and Customs Clearance
  • Communication Process, Translation, and Interpretation

H&E will work closely with your business here, and with our networking established throughout China, we will work hard for your business there. Our goal is to become a long-term, valuable resource partner for our clients by providing continuous availability for any questions or needs that arise. This arrangement allows us to react quickly from both ends of the logistical chain and provide your business with a complete manufacturing solution, from quantity consolidation to freight forwarding services.

In many cases, H&E Global Sourcing is approached by entrepreneurs, factory owners, and product development managers with one simple need ... to find a trusted factory in China that could produce products exclusively for them.

Their main reason given for this need is that they need to make their products more cost-competitive without sacrificing quality. They want the factory in China to operate just like a part of their company here, merely in a different location. With minimal communication, they wish to rely on the factory to carry out production per their exact specifications.

This is exactly what H&E Global provides. By helping your business to develop strong, long-term partnerships with manufacturers in China, H&E will fulfill that need for a trusted manufacturing arm of your company. We will help you to build up a Strategic Manufacturing Partnership with a proven and experienced factory in China.

Whether you have a finished product design, a new component, or a change to an existing design, you want a solution that will make your final finished products better in quality, yet cheaper in price. Partnering with a trusted Chinese manufacturer is key to reaching this goal. H&E Global will work closely with your business to find the most reliable and experienced manufacturer for your particular needs. Working as an agent on your behalf, our proven expertise in developing strategic partnerships between American companies and manufacturers in China will create a long-term, competitive cost-benefit for your company. 

  • Free Initial Consultation, Feedback, and Solutions Analysis
  • Screening Process for Best Manufacturing Candidates
  • Guided Trips to China to meet Chosen Manufacturers
  • Negotiation of Alliance Agreements
  • Guidance on Pricing, Purchasing Quantities, and Logistics
  • Establishment of Non-competitive clauses, Guarantees, and Payment Methods
  • Management of Transportations, Shipping, Customs, and Importing Procedures
  • Implementation of Quality Control Standards, Control Measures, and Product Changes
  • On-Site Production Supervising
  • Communication and Networking with Manufacturing Partners

With over a decade of experience in working with manufacturers throughout China, H&E Global will help you take your product from the drawing board to the factory floor. We act as an advocate on behalf of your business, building strong, long-term relationships between you and your selected manufacturing partner. As a long-term stakeholder in your project, H&E is with your company every step of the way, available to answer any questions or needs that may arise. Reaction time, logistics, and rapid response are not a problem. The communications network that we help you to develop will enable to make product modifications quickly, and find the most cost-effective way to get your product to your designated destinations. Your business will quickly gain a competitive cost-advantage in its industry through high-quality, low-cost goods manufactured to your exact specifications.

Would you like to expand your reach and sell your product in the world’s fastest growing market in China? H & E Global Sourcing will show you how it can help you to reach to your goal.

The trade door swings both ways. With over 1.2 billion people and an affinity for the west, China is one of the fastest growing markets for North American goods. H & E Global has helped American companies penetrate the Chinese market with their unique products, expanding their global reach and profitability. Our expertise in helping their businesses expand their territory by marketing their goods in China covers all of the necessary functions:

  • Free Initial Consultation, Feedback, and Solutions Analysis
  • Market Product Demand Research and Surveys
  • Competitive Market Research and Analysis
  • Test Marketing Programs and Evaluation
  • Distribution, Trade Tariffs, and Logistics Management
  • Overseas Joint-Venture & Franchising Opportunities, and Negotiation
  • Sole Ownership or Joint Venture Set-Up and Licensing
  • Marketing Team Establishment and Development
  • Sales Representative / Agency Group Evaluation and Selection
  • Advertising & Promotional Opportunity Assessment and Strategy

Acting as your agent abroad, H & E Global utilizes its vast network of agencies throughout China to help your business build a management team and strategies to successfully sell your product to the Chinese market. The long-lasting business relationships and communication network that we establish with our clients offer a valuable resource for addressing needs and questions quickly. Whether it is through franchise agreements, or building a sales representative group from scratch, H&E will help your business develop the network and marketing processes to get your product into the hands of customers quickly and efficiently.



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