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Trusted Experience for Over a Decade

H & E Global Sourcing was formally established in 2002 as a global sourcing, product development, and logistics service provider for businesses in the United States to China. Our international experience, however, spans from over 20 years of advocating for businesses to work with Chinese manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and government agencies. Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, turnkey resource for product sourcing, manufacturing, and Marketing in China. Experience and expertise allow us to consistently accomplish the following on behalf of our Client Partners:

  • Advocate to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with Chinese factories
  • Negotiate for the most competitive prices for Chinese products and components
  • Find and screen for the best, well-trusted manufacturers in China
  • Established clear, complete, and comfortable communication methods
  • Follow up QC procedures and supervision productions
  • Provide guidance for logistics and shipping processes
  • Ensure quick reaction to changes, modifications, and other immediate needs
  • Develop strategies, processes, and teams for the Chinese market

H & E Global enables hundreds of clients worldwide to be more competitive, from national retailer chains that need a more cost-effective product for their stores, to  manufacturers that want to produce a high-quality product for less cost. With already established network in China to advocate on our clients behalf, H & E provides the infrastructure, strategy, and proven processes to help your business become more competitive and profitable.

Whether your particular business needs sourcing for products already manufactured in China, product development of new products using Chinese manufacturers, or developing strategies and channels sell an existing product in Chinese markets, H & E Global applies trusted knowledge and experience to make your project successful.

If you are ready to see how H & E will make your company more competitive, please contact us here for an initial, no-cost consultation.



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