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Find a Factory as a Strategic Partner in China

Want to be more cost-competitive by producing low-cost and high quality products?

With an average of over 10 years of knowledge in product sourcing each, H&E Global's management team has the expertise to find the best manufacturing match for your particular needs. Whether you have a drafted schematic of your product, or simply a handwritten drawing, H&E can turn them into a finished product with high quality. We are not simply a company that contacts manufacturers, H&E begins with product specifications to include all aspects of product quality analysis, QC procedures, vendor selections, productions supervision, price quote analysis, logistics management of transportation and ocean freight, customs and import/export procedures. In many cases, we work with consultants or engineers to make sure we fully understand your quality requirements to ensure that selected manufacturers can produce to your satisfaction. The high quality, competitively priced product is delivered through a streamlined supply and logistics chain. In general, H&E Global acts much like a supermarket for sourcing and developing products in China.

In addition to the experience of the management team, H & E Global Sourcing has established strong relationships with many existing manufacturers in China, many who have been doing business with us for over a decade. We know their management, production capability, quality control procedures, and they will fulfill our requirements. These relationships often guarantee that sourced products are in high quality, at low cost, with faster turnover time.

H&E Global will become a trusted partner in manufacturing products manufactured in China. Whether it is finished products for less, or quality components to make your product more competitive, we will help to find what you need, and get it to your doorstep fast. Our expertise of helping American companies in sourcing products from China enables us to ensure that your transactions will run smoothly and efficiently:

  • Free Initial Consultation, Feedback, and Solutions Analysis
  • Manufacturer Research, Screening and Evaluation Process
  • Price Quotation, Contract Negotiation, and Overseas OEM/ODM Contracting
  • Order Management, Quantity, and Shipping Consolidation Process
  • Quality Assurance, Overseas Inspection, and Claims Management
  • Delivery Monitoring, Shipping & Export Documentation, and Customs Clearance
  • Communication Process, Translation, and Interpretation

H&E will work closely with your business here, and with our networking established throughout China, we will work hard for your business there. Our goal is to become a long-term, valuable resource partner for our clients by providing continuous availability for any questions or needs that arise. This arrangement allows us to react quickly from both ends of the logistical chain and provide your business with a complete manufacturing solution, from quantity consolidation to freight forwarding services.

See a Success Story on how H&E Global has helped a major US trailer manufacturer become more competitive in its industry. If you would like to know more about how H&E can make your company more competitive, please contact us here.



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