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Market and Sell Your Products in China

Would you like to expand your reach and sell your product in the world’s fastest growing market in China? H & E Global Sourcing will show you how it can help you to reach to your goal.

The trade door swings both ways. With over 1.2 billion people and an affinity for the west, China is one of the fastest growing markets for North American goods. H & E Global has helped American companies penetrate the Chinese market with their unique products, expanding their global reach and profitability. Our expertise in helping their businesses expand their territory by marketing their goods in China covers all of the necessary functions:

  • Free Initial Consultation, Feedback, and Solutions Analysis
  • Market Product Demand Research and Surveys
  • Competitive Market Research and Analysis
  • Test Marketing Programs and Evaluation
  • Distribution, Trade Tariffs, and Logistics Management
  • Overseas Joint-Venture & Franchising Opportunities, and Negotiation
  • Sole Ownership or Joint Venture Set-Up and Licensing
  • Marketing Team Establishment and Development
  • Sales Representative / Agency Group Evaluation and Selection
  • Advertising & Promotional Opportunity Assessment and Strategy
  • Acting as your agent abroad, H & E Global utilizes its vast network of agencies throughout China to help your business build a management team and strategies to successfully sell your product to the Chinese market. The long-lasting business relationships and communication network that we establish with our clients offer a valuable resource for addressing needs and questions quickly. Whether it is through franchise agreements, or building a sales representative group from scratch, H&E will help your business develop the network and marketing processes to get your product into the hands of customers quickly and efficiently.

    See a Success Story of how H&E Global is helping a US food and beverage manufacturer successfully market its products in China. If you would like to find out how H&E can help you market your product in China, please contact us here.



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