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H&E Global has a proven track record of providing valuable product and factory sourcing, product development, and marketing and sales between the United States and China. Below are links to just a few of our Success Stories that show how H&E Global Sourcing can help your company become more competitive in its marketplace, and enter new markets.

  1. Product Development and Sourcing
  2. Finding a Factory as a Strategic Partner
  3. Product Sourcing and Consolidation
  4. Selling and Marketing Products in China
  5. Special Requirement Sourcing
  6. Special Requirement Sourcing

Success Story One - Product Development and Sourcing

A nationwide retail direct sales chain needed assistance on the development of new product lines (dinner ware, home d├ęcor, metal stands, etc.). After learning of the expertise that H&E Global has with this type of project, they brought them on as a sourcing and product development agent to work with Chinese manufacturers for the products. Their requests of H&E were as follows:

  1. Quality must meet their requirements
  2. Pricing must be competitive
  3. Production must be on schedule and deliveries on time
  4. H&E Global was to handle all of the related quality control supervisions, suppliers' relationship managements, shipping, Customs entries, and general communications with the suppliers.

To begin the project, the client provided H&E with more than 60 product designs. H&E's product development team in China carefully studied the designs and conferred with the appropriate consultants and product engineers about the most effective production processes. With this thorough understanding of the clients production needs, H&E carefully selected the three optimal manufacturers from many with which they had a good working relationship for years. Closely working with the factory engineers and production managers, the H&E team ensured proper development of production samples. About 30 days the samples developed from the designs were sent out to the client. They were very satisfied with the production samples and price quotes, and issued a first purchase order.

For the very first production run, H&E Global installed strict quality control standards and procedures for the manufacturer to closely follow thereafter, and set up a regular schedule for on-site QA assessments by representatives of H&E. Once production runs passed the QA inspection process, H&E arranged shipping logistics all the way to the client's dock door, handling all related logistics such as duties, inspections, and domestic transportation.

The process set up by H&E Global Sourcing has been so successful for the past six years, that the client has used it as a model for all procurement operations. New designs are received two to three times per year and are efficiently developed through the same smooth process. Defects are near zero. Since the quality and price of the products have been so good with the whole supply chain process so well managed, H&E Global is regarded as a highly trusted and integral partner in the clients procure operations.

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Success Story Two - Finding a Factory as a Strategic Partner

A major trailer manufacturer in US was subjected to very severe market pressure and share loss from its competitor, who was already importing products from China. They approached H&E Global with a need to establish a strategic partnership with a trusted and capable trailer manufacturer in China. Their requirements for developing a strategic relationship were as follows:

  1. The manufacturer will provide a competitive price for the product.
  2. They manufacturer must meet consistent product quality standards.
  3. H&E Global would act as the importing and procurement department to smoothly handle all related production schedules, logistics, and communications, while the client will only focus on product development and sales in the US.
  4. The Chinese manufacturing partner must respond to his technical or engineering requirements promptly and accurately.

When H&E Global began work on the project, it first set out to consult with industry experts to gain a thorough understanding of the overall scope of the trailer industry. With this information, H&E met and collaborated with the client to discuss all possible issues in order to fully understand their needs. The result was a concise Action Plan from which to move forward.

The H&E team in China began interviewing CEOs from factories in China that met manufacturing experience and requirements, selecting eight for the next round consisting of extensive factory interviews and actual site visits. After visiting the factory sites and talking to management face to face, our team members had sufficient information about the factory's engineering and technical capacity, production and quality control procedures, and management team background. Through a detailed discussions and selection processes, three finalists were selected and recommended to the client.

Accompanied by H&E Global, the client traveled to China several times within a few months to meet and talk with the chosen finalists engineers and productions managers. At the same time, H&E Global began to negotiate with these three companies for Contracts, closely collaborating with the client each step of the way. Through intense negotiations, agreements were reached with two out of the three in terms of pricing, quality control, non-compete, warranty, and insurances for the life of the long-term strategic partnership. Once the contracts were signed, H&E Global supervised every part of the installation of the assembly lines. Within three months, the first container of newly manufactured product was shipped to the client.

The client is very pleased with the relationship that H&E Global has helped to establish for the last 6 years. Working closely with factory engineers and technicians, weekly orders have been produced and shipped on schedule. H&E Global continues to supervise the improvements of the product quality, ensuring that engineers respond promptly, arranging shipping and transportation, and handling all issues and questions.

The client values the strong relationship that H&E Global helped them to establish with the factory. As a result of this valued relationship, their production costs are down more than 45%, making them more competitive and profitable in the trailer industry.

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Success Story Three - Product Sourcing and Consolidation

A distributor and wholesaler of general merchandise (horse related products) hired H&E Global Sourcing as a product-sourcing agent in China. Their requirements were as follows:

  1. They needed to source and purchase more than a hundred different products in different product categories, which means each purchase order will involve usually more than 15 factories located all over China to work together in one time.
  2. There are required heavily consolidations of the different products in order to be shipped in a container.
  3. They needed very competitive prices for all the items even though each item is not large in quantities.
  4. They needed each product quality to meet their QC standards.

This project involved a large number of different factories, and the need for H&E Global to consolidate all orders into one shipment from China.

H&E's team in China negotiated small orders with each of the factories, and managed each finished product order to the central destination to arrange consolidation into containers. At the same time, H&E supervised and ensued the quality of each product purchased.

Working with this customer for more than six years, they have been extremely happy with the price, quality, and service that H&E Global has provided as a valued, trusted sourcing and logistics partner.

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Success Story Four - Selling and Marketing Products in China

A major food company, which is publicly traded in NASDAQ, identified a new market opportunity in China. New to the Chinese consumer market, they began searching for a reliable and experienced partner to assist in the marketing and sales efforts for its products. After an exhaustive search, the company concluded that H&E Global had the experience and professionalism that it needed to penetrate the Chinese market. The client wanted to build the entire operation starting from scratch, including establishments of managements, supplies, customers' bases, etc. Through a great deal of hard work, and some issues that were resolved along the way, the client is extremely satisfied with the services that H&E Global performs:

  1. Worked with client and their hired consultants to develop a strategic business plan.
  2. Assisted in Plan Implementation, working out all necessary procedures, including legal requirements to set up a new business entity in China.
  3. Negotiated with all suppliers, finalizing supply contracts for the new business. (All major suppliers are famous multinational corporations that are publicly traded in the US and UK).
  4. Developed a management team, working with many professional personnel companies.
  5. Established and began several personnel training programs.
  6. Set up distribution and logistics system to bring equipment and materials to the warehouses.
  7. Managed sales staff to promote and market products across China, resulting placement in 40 retail locations that are selling our client's products and the number of retail locations are growing fast.
  8. Handles all customer service issues.

For the two years that this client has introduced its products to China, it has been expanding rapidly with the help of H&E Global Sourcing.

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Success Story Five - Special Requirement Sourcing

H&E Global has been hired by a number of customers to source products involved with some special requirements such as tooling, molds, FDA food and medical standards, etc. One start-up company backed up by a venture capitalist asked H&E to develop a product for them in China.

The project began with only a bundle of mechanical drawings from the client, with the following requirements:

  1. Required high quality of the finished product.
  2. Because the product category was in a highly competitive industry, it must be produced cost-effectively.
  3. Testing and industrial standards must be met by finished product.

H&E studied the drawings carefully, concluding that many tooling and plastic molds would be required to work out the finished products. H&E Global began its routine factory selection process in China and selected three factories working together to complete the tooling and product manufacturing: one factory produced metal parts, another made electronics, and the third was responsible for plastic parts packing the finished products. Under the supervision of H&E, the process was managed in a very organized manner. Testing procedures and industrial standards were also required for this project, so quality and smooth cooperation between the three factories was a must. H&E Global Sourcing was able to coordinate the manufacturing between the numerous factories with great success.

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Success Story Six - Special Requirement Sourcing

H&E Global has been hired by a number of customers to source products involved with special requirements such as tooling, molds, FDA food and medical standards, etc. One pharmaceutical company was referred to H&E to develop one of their non-core products - plastic bottles to hold liquid product. The following requirements were requested:

  1. High quality standards of tooling development involved for special requirements of bottle caps.
  2. Product must adhere to numerous food hygiene requirements, and be certified before they are ready to ship.
  3. Pricing must be very competitive.

H&E Global worked with the client's engineers to analyze the samples and created drawings based on the samples. Working with a selected tooling factory to set up production, the client approved samples before production began. H&E worked on-site at the factory, supervising the QC process and related procedures. At the same time, H&E interviewed and hired approved FDA agencies to approve all necessary inspections and tests, issuing necessary certificates for the finished products.

A similar case also involved a national food retail chain that hired H&E Global Sourcing to source and develop plastic drinking straws in China. The straw was also required to have tooling development and food hygiene certificates.

In each case, H&E Global Sourcing performed beyond the expectations of their clients, and as a result, made them more competitive in their industries. 

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